Mah Money

Be a part of our reward system! Dr. Mah realizes the importance of working “with” the patient in order to obtain a beautiful smile; therefore, Dr. Mah has created the “Mah Money Reward System”. The goal of this system is to motivate and encourage patients to have a vested interest in their own treament. It also teaches each patient to be responsible, because Mah Money can be exchanged for various gifts.

Much like the real world, if patients lose their Mah Money, they will not be replaced.

Earning Mah Money

Earning Mah Money is easy – there are only three components to it!

Being on time for your appointment.

Co-operation with orthodontic treatment by following instructions as listed by Dr. Mah and staff.

Having a healthy and clean mouth by brushing, flossing, and keeping your braces and/or appliances clean.

Rules and Conditions

  • Tokens are only given on regularly scheduled adjustment appointments, beginning on the day appliances are placed.
  • There are no tokens for emergency visits.
  • A maximum of three (3) tokens are issued per visit for each visit – one for each condition fulfilled.
  • Tokens will not be replaced if they are lost.
  • Gift certificates will not be replaced if they are lost.

Gift Exchange

Tokens can be exchanged at any time during your orthodontic treatment for gift cards. You have a choice of four corporations below. Our gift cards are valued at $5 and $10 for 27 and 48 tokens, respectively.


$5 $10
Chapters 27 tokens 48 tokens
Starbucks 27 tokens 48 tokens
Toys “R” Us 27 tokens 48 tokens
McDonald’s 27 tokens 48 tokens
A&W 27 tokens 48 tokens
Subway 27 tokens 48 tokens